Deck Precoat Formula

Protects unseasoned wood

Preserves and Protects:

  • Unseasoned wood decks
    including pressure treated
  • Unseasoned wood fences
    including pressure treated


Timber Pro Deck Precoat Formula is a specifically designed, clear natural oil
wood finish that provides protection for wood that is too wet or green to coat.

Deck Precoat Formula provides short term protection from the elements for the wood as it seasons and dries. Deck Precoat Formula allows
the wood to dry more slowly and evenly which reduces checking and cracking associated with wood drying out too quickly. Deck Precoat Formula works on both regular wood decks and pressure treated decks. Once seasoned, the Deck Precoat Formula is easily cleaned and recoated with the Deck & Fence Formula.

Excellent Penetration: Deck Precoat Formula allows for excellent penetration and adhesion to unseasoned wood.

Excellent UV Protection: Deck Precoat Formula protects the wood from the suns UV rays while it is seasoning.

Excellent Recoated: Deck Precoat Formula can be easily recoated once
the wood is seasoned with the Deck & Fence Formula.

Low Odour: the specially formulated Deck Precoat Formula has a very low
odour making ideal for interior application.

Easy To Apply: Deck Precoat Formula can be easily applied by spray, brush, or paint pad.

Low VOC Formula: The low VOC formula of Deck Precoat Formula is better for the environment.

Easy Clean Up: Cleans up with soap and water