A Durable Concrete Sealer for Porous Masonry Surfaces

  • Concrete floor sealer
  • Paver sealer or aggregate sealer
  • Brick sealer
  • Concrete driveway sealer
  • Porous stone sealer
  • Sidewalk sealer
  • Porous stucco sealer
  • Concrete fountain and birdbath sealer

Masonry Top Sealer is an environmentally friendly surface sealer that completely seals and waterproofs porous masonry surfaces. MTS is highly effective and versatile in a wide range of applications. This formula represents a new generation of high-tech silicone emulsions that contain multiple sizes of particles to fill different sizes of voids in the concrete or masonry. When water and dirt do not absorb into the surface, the likelihood of freeze-thaw damage and slippery mildew formation is greatly reduced. Your concrete and masonry will stay much cleaner and last much longer with this level of protection.

Top Sealer does not alter the color or texture of the concrete. MTS results in a natural appearance that does not leave a shiny, varnished look.

Masonry Top Sealer's Unique Advantages:

  • Easy one-coat application that dries quickly
  • Environmentally friendly formula, with only 12 gr. per liter VOCs
  • Reduces pitting, dusting, and efflorescence
  • Impervious to water penetration
  • Enables easy cleanup of dirt and spills of oil or water
  • Easier removal of snow and ice
  • Uniquely durable, does not contain paraffin like most concrete sealers
  • No peeling or flaking, easy to reapply