A Great Non-Bleach Alternative
for Use as an Exterior Wood Cleaner
and Outdoor Surface Cleaner

For cleaning log homes, cleaning cedar siding or other wood siding, and fence or deck cleaning. Also cleans concrete and aggregate, asphalt driveways or painted siding.

  • Cleans and preps wood for application of wood treatments
  • The best wood cleaner for fence and deck maintenance, log home maintenance, and wood siding maintenance

Did you know that regular cleaning of your outdoor wood surfaces is the best environmentally safe method of preventing mold and mildew on wood? Also, removing dirt, pollution, and spores from your deck or siding will extend the durability of the wood stain or sealer too. Keeping your exterior wood clean will extend the life and health of your wood dramatically.

Clean & Brite is a one-step outdoor wood maintenance cleaner. This concentrated gel is a solution of phosphoric acid and mild detergents and additives designed for outdoor use. It can be diluted with water to the ratio appropriate for your own specific project.

Clean & Brite will remove superficial dirt, spores, pollution, and mild graying from outdoor wood surfaces. It does not remove previously applied stains or sealers unless they are already loose, flaking or coming off. For significantly discolored or weathered wood, or wood requiring the removal of failed oil based finishes, our stronger Strip & Brite formula is recommended.

Clean & Brite is the perfect choice for yearly maintenance cleaning of decks, siding, fences, and log homes. It does not contain household bleach which has been proven to contribute to coating failure. Household bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is also harmful to the environment and continued use will make the wood pulpy. Clean & Brite, a phosphoric acid based solution, contains no bleach yet its ingredients are more effective and less harmful. Clean & Brite is biodegradable and will not harm nearby plants. It gently yet effectively cleans the wood and brightens it in preparation for treating or re-treating.

Clean & Brite's Unique Advantages

  • Cleans dirt, mold, and superficial mildew
  • Removes light graying and weathered wood fibers
  • Cleans dirt, mold, and mildew
  • Brightens wood back to a natural tone
  • Prepares new wood for application of Timber Pro UV
  • Cleans wood that is ready for a re-coat of finish