Bridging the Performance Gap
Between Oil and Water-Based Urethanes

Crystal Urethane blends bio-preferred oils and acrylic to create
a uniquely clear satin finish

Perfect for achieving a deep, beautiful, non-plastic appearing satin or semi-gloss interior varnish for:

  • Wood cabinets
  • Wood doors and windows
  • Wood paneling and trim
  • Interior logs or rails
  • Wood ceilings
  • Wood rafters
  • Wood beams
  • Interior stone walls
  • Wood accents

In response to market demand, Crystal Urethane bridges the performance gap between high V.O.C solvent-borne oil based urethanes, and water-based acrylic clear wood finishes. This is "green" coating technology at its finest, the beauty and durability of an oil based urethane, without the yellowing, fumes, and flammability. Crystal Urethane is a complex blend of water borne renewable oil resins and nano particle acrylic additives that address all the needs of protecting and finishing interior wood. This urethane is so durable it can even be used on some types of wood floors, which would not be possible with many acrylic only polyurethanes.

Compare the difference: Timber Pro’s Crystal Urethane

  • Out-performs acrylic only polyurethanes for chemical and stain resistance from ink, food, wine, and chemical spills
  • Does not yellow as it cures like solvent borne oil urethanes
  • Has better hardness and abrasion resistance than solvent borne or acrylic polyurethanes
  • Better impact and mar resistance than acrylics
  • Faster drying than most. You can multiple coats in one day saving labor costs
  • Environmentally Safe, only 143 grams per liter VOC - dries fast and then no odor
  • Soap and water cleanup, non flammable
  • Will not crack or peel when applied correctly on dry wood
  • Creates an easy to clean surface by wipe, damp mop or vacuum
  • Generates LEED credits for low VOC and renewable materials
  • Slows the natural yellowing or darkening of wood as it seasons