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Wood Fence Protection and Deck Maintenance Made Easy

Timber Pro’s “Deck & Fence Formula”, is a transparent fence and deck stain that is naturally tough but different from other typical wood sealers. This is truly a green building product that is popular among all consumers because it makes fence and deck maintenance a lot easier.

Timber Pro UV’s “Deck & Fence Formula” Wood Protectant will: Stain, Seal, and Protect

  • Wood decks made of cedar, redwood, fir, pine, mahogany, or teak
  • Cedar fences or other wood fences, wood arbors, posts, and railings
  • Wood Docks and wood bridges
  • Outdoor wood garden furniture such as cedar chairs, or picnic tables
  • Protect wood birdhouses, garden boxes, horse stalls, dog houses

Timber-Pro’s Deck & Fence Formula is the result of sixteen years of research. This unique wood finish will end your search for an eco-friendly product that really holds up. It will protect your outdoor wood with durable penetrating renewable – oils that are carried deep into the wood by water. Once the water backs out during the drying process it leaves behind a naturally tough wood protectant with very low odor at only 86 gr per liter (minus water) VOC content. Renewable-oil based... yet water borne, a winning combination. Our bio-oil resins bond and cure into a hard, non-sticky finish that will not attract dirt, dust, or spores so it will not promote mildew like many other waxy or oily wood sealers. The fact that it penetrates, then dries and bonds is why it lasts so long, protecting your deck or fence from the inside out.

Timber Pro’s Deck & Fence Formula repels water and stabilizes your wood without the hazardous chemicals found in a wood preservative. It is so effective, many even treat boat docks with Timber Pro’s Deck & Fence Formula. This fence and deck sealer also contains inorganic nano-particle UV reflectors and absorbers to reduce the fading and deterioration caused by the sun.

Available in 25 beautiful, natural, transparent wood stain colors that allow the grain and knots to show through, or 22 semi-transparent stain colors for embellished color. Also available in Clear UV for wood that gets no direct sun and doesn’t need the UV-blocking tints. Learn how to stain a deck by reviewing our application guide.

The Best Color Choices ever!

We are famous for our 25 clear or transparent wood stains. Or choose from 22 semi-transparent stain and semi solid colors as well.

Click here to view all of our color choices.

Deck & Fence Formula’s Unique Advantages

  • A, natural-looking finish with more color choices than any other like product.
  • Easy application, water cleanup, and easy to maintain once applied.
  • One of the greenest and most sustainable environmentally friendly stains on the market.
  • Hard-drying, penetrating formula will not track into your home or attract dirt, dust, or pollen which can contribute to mildew formation.
  • Uniquely durable, non flammable stain and breatheable sealer.