Strip & Brite — our most powerful
wood restoration product

Restores the Natural Beauty of Your Discolored Deck, Fence or Natural Wood Siding

  • Strips old, deteriorating oil-based finishes
  • Removes heavily weathered wood discoloration and graying
  • Cleans off dirt, mold, and surface mildew
  • Brightens wood back to a natural tone
  • Prepares wood for application of Timber Pro UV or any stain

This is a professional grade exterior wood care product.

Strip & Brite is a two-step wood stripper and cleaner for exterior wood surfaces. Step one is a concentrated gel that will clean the wood and remove heavy weathering and is also a stain stripper for transparent oil finishes. It is also widely used by do-it yourselfers for everything from log home restoration to a simple deck stain stripper. It can be diluted with water to the ratio appropriate for your own specific project. Once this gel has sat on the wood for as long as needed to break down the old stain or weathered discoloration on the wood (20 min to several hours) it is agitated with a stiff brush and rinsed or powerwashed off.

Step two is a packet of citric acid crystals that are dissolved in water. This second step when applied to the rinsed wood will neutralize the entire process, balancing the pH as it brightens the wood back to its original natural tone, or close to it depending on the age of the wood. Step 2 should also be thoroughly rinsed off with water after use.

Strip & Brite is appropriate for most exterior wood surfaces. It is difficult to use on interior wood because the residue requires much rinsing with water. When used as directed, the chemicals, once rinsed from the wood, are biodegradable and will not harm nearby plants or soil though great care should be taken to prevent the chemicals from contacting skin or eyes. You will be amazed at the results as Strip & Brite restores the wood’s surface to a color you thought you’d never see again! Some fuzzing may occur on smooth planed wood which is easily removed by light sanding or Osborne type orbital rotating cup brush.

Strip & Brite's Unique Advantages

  • Biodegradable, water-based formula
  • Strips and brightens the wood in two easy steps
  • Does not contain harmful bleach
  • Formula is safe for use around plants
  • Concentrate dilutes to the strength you need for your project


100 square feet per gallon if used undiluted to strip severely weathered wood or build up of previously applied oil stains. 200-400 sq feet per gallon if diluted to strip wood that is less seriously discolored or has no build up of worn stain on the wood.