A Non Toxic Alternative for
Waterproofing Wood

Increase the density and hardness of wood from the inside out

There are times when the thought of using a hazardous wood preservative on wood that will be exposed to consistent moisture just doesn’t make sense for you. Suppose you are building a wooden vegetable garden box, a deck, dock, or wood bridge that is next to or over a pond, lake, or river. Contaminating the soil or water with preservatives is something you’d rather avoid, unless your project dictates the use of pressure treated wood due to building codes.

Internal Wood Stabilizer is a great alternative as a non toxic wood waterproofer. This clear liquid with the consistency of water can be applied to bare wood. It then has a chemical reaction with the free alkali that exists naturally in wood. When the IWS and alkali meet, a waterproof gel forms within the pores of the wood. Over time that gel hardens to silicate glass crystals which harden and densify the wood so much it drinks much less water. The glass crystals remain imbedded deep within the wood permanently. The IWS does not contain any UV inhibitors so the wood will eventually turn silver in color if exposed to sunlight. It can also push excess tannin out of the wood as the crystals form, turning it very dark or even blackish if it is redwood.

Non Toxic Alternative for Waterproofing Chicken Coops

The Water Test
The piece of cedar below was dipped in the IWS solution. After drying for three days, it was then submerged in water for 90 days. It was then removed from the water and immediately cut in half. Note how the water only absorbed to a depth of 1/8 of an inch at which point the water penetration was halted by the crystalline glass silicate solution which had filled the wood pores, evidenced by the light color on the inner portion of the board. These crystals remain permanently embedded in the inner pores, so water will not absorb any farther into the wood, resulting in 80% longer life in comparison to untreated wood.

Non Toxic Alternative for Waterproofing Water Test