Concrete Sealer Formula

A Concrete Sealer That Is Easy To Apply and is Odour Free

Preserves and Protects:

  • Concrete patios
  • Concrete pool decks
  • Interlocking pavers
  • Walkway pavers
  • Stacking concrete landscape blocks

Timber Pro Concrete Sealer Formula is a unique, waterborne natural oil resin coating designed to provide protection from the elements for your outdoor concrete and masonry.

Timber Pro Concrete Sealer Formula helps to strengthen and protect the top layers of your concrete, providing a stain resistant, water resistant barrier. The Concrete Sealer Formula helps prevent spalling and efflorescence which prevents premature aging of the concrete.

Excellent Penetration: This unique formula penetrates deeply into the top layers of the concrete providing a strong bonding fortification of
the top layers of the concrete and masonry surface.

Hard Wearing: The Concrete Sealer Formula is epoxy fortified providing a hard wearing surface against stains and prevents the concrete from dusting.

Easy to Apply: The Concrete Sealer Formula can be easily applied by
spray, roller or nylon polyester brush.

Low Odour: The specially formulated concrete sealer has a very low odour with no noxious smells.

Low VOC Formula: The waterborne Concrete Sealer Formula is a low VOC formula which is better for the environment.

Easy Clean Up: Equipment can be easily cleaned with soap and water.